Monday, June 6, 2011

A delayed part three.

The short of it - busy got busier and then there was more rain. So that was how the last full week of May went.

The long of it - we decided to stick with the long term plan and plant only about 1/2 an acre of the new plot at Abiding Peace Church in vegetables. The rest will go into green manure/cover crop to replenish the soil for next year. During that last week of May I was able to get two 100 square foot sections plowed before a huge day and a half of rain. During the first day of rain monkey number 1 and I made a trip to the Farm and Fleet for supplies and harvest market stuff: stakes, shelter, pea weave climbing stuff, yeah. By the end of the week we had to get out there and plant.

It was still a mess from all the rain but the plow helped me mound some beds and we put in the first veggie plants that Friday and Saturday. Thanks to our friends at Sweet Home Organics we were able to score a huge amount of extra seedlings to plant in the 1/2 acre I plowed. Note to self: mounding up soil soaked from nearly 2 days of rain makes for a horribly hard surface once it dries. Argh! But we had to get plants in so the learning continues.

Sunday and Memorial Day we took a little break. We took all the monkeys out to Des Moines to see They Might Be Giants at the Every Family Rocks Fest. A splendid time was had by all even though we got stuck for an hour just outside the campground because the van kept blowing a fuse.

So that nearly gets us through the end of the May. I'll try to catch up on the last week in the next few days. See ya. And if you haven't heard, CSA pickups start this Wednesday. Check you email for a letter from Marcy regarding this stuff.


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Melissa said...

They Might Be Giants @ Every Family Rocks Fest sounds awesome!!!