Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 2010, Week 3

This has sure been a nice week. Still no killing frost so we still have beans and peppers, but it looks like that's all for them. We're taking a week off on broccoli. I'm hoping the few shoots that are pushing can get bigger before cutting. This week we took down all the corn stalks that didn't get blown down back in August. I got a few ears of popcorn. We'll see how that goes once it dries out. We do have quite a few bundles of corn stalks. If anyone is looking to use them as Halloween decorations give us a shout. There may be some left after the kids finish with their decorating plans. Oh yeah, if you didn't already see the announcement on Facebook, Trogg's Hollow is now officially a member of the Upper Midwest Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT). We've also started up edumacating ourselves on how to run this veggie business better through the Stateline Farm Beginings Program offered by the Angelic Organics Learning Center. (There were grass-fed chickens and friendly bees!) So yeah, that's this week. Next week looks like the end for the weekly half-bushels for this season but there will still be veggies into November. We'll let everybody know what's going on with that. See ya!
- Trogg

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