Sunday, April 18, 2010

science fair

He did it - Monkey 1 successfully participated in his first science fair. Our local library sponsored the event, and there were over 250 participants, ranging from Kindergarten all the way through high school. Overall it was a very impressive event, and I was surprised at the variety of projects and themes. Mostly, though, I was impressed by my little guy, his enthusiasm, and the attention and praise he received. In a nutshell, he rocked the fair. He was excited, he was knowledgeable, he wowed the judges, and he was the one of the only kids in his age category that made his own display. If there was ever a time that I was sure about homeschooling my children, this was one of them. His ability to talk to the adult judges, and his overall comprehension of the subject matter (his project was about solar power) was well beyond what you would expect for a 6 year old and, well, just wow. I hope this enthusiasm continues, and I hope we can continue to feed it. Way to go, son. Mommy is proud.

On the green growing things front, the cold frame is built (thank you husband), the newly measured out garden is 75% fenced in, and the German head lettuce has been started (yeah, so we're a little behind but we'll catch up and soon we'll have more everything than we know what to do with). Also, I have strawberries and raspberries growing like mad, and newly discovered currants that will need to be moved and tended and may end up in a jam at some point. Hooray for Spring!!

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KT said...

Monkey 1 did rock that science fair! He was awesome.