Thursday, April 1, 2010

the inevitable

It's finally happened. Monkey 1 needs glasses. Really not a big deal, and considering the eyesight, or lack thereof, of his parents, hardly a surprise. But still it makes me a little emotional. Its kind of a big change. The glasses we picked out are really cool (just like Daddy's), and he looks super-cute, but its the permanence of the change that gets me. I am a person who wears glasses, as is my husband. They're kind of part of our identity. I used to wear contacts, and I find that wearing glasses makes more of a statement. THAT'S what gets me. Its almost like he's adding a body part - a very useful one, yes, but something new and unfamiliar, on a little body I know so well. He's excited, as I was when I was 6 and got my first pair, so that's good. Just a big change for such a little guy, who's rapidly becoming not such a little guy.

Hopefully he'll be able to avoid braces.

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sara said...

I was six when I got glasses, too. They were big, horrible, green Sally Jessy Raphael-esque ones, but my mom went along with it because it's what I liked. Moms are great like that. I'm looking forward to seeing his new look at the science fair.