Friday, April 9, 2010

a bug's life

Monkey 1 received a small bug house from his Grandma for Easter. Since then, he has been nearly obsessed with catching bugs. Every nice day, he has been out in the yard, digging around, trying to find something that he could catch. Ants are too small and hard to catch. Spiders are too fragile. Anything with wings just flew away. Well this afternoon, out in the sandbox, we finally succeeded. There, buried in the sand, was a smallish black beetle. Monkey ran into the house and grabbed the cage. We tried putting the bug into the bug maze, but the poor stunned creature refused to budge. So we transferred it to the cage, which the kids immediately filled with leaves and sticks to make the beetle more comfortable. Excited, Monkey named the little guy Ned and called Daddy to tell him all about it. Poor Ned has been hiding in a corner of the bug box all day, but it still filled my little boy with such a sense of accomplishment it doesn't really matter. I'm sure we'll release Ned in a few days, and start all over again.

On another note, today we harvested the first food of 2010. Yes, a few, small, bitter bunches of purple Romaine lettuce have grown up out of last year's crop. It's not much, but still a good, satisfying start to the season.

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kgwiz said...

What a great name for a bug! I hope he has many more happy hours bug hunting.