Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mind your children

I came across a great quote today, from Kittie Franz, a nurse and breastfeeding guru:

Remember, you are not managing an inconvenience; You are raising a human being

and it hit me. It hit me because its something I have been thinking about alot lately. Not for myself so much, but for the world around me. I have three small kids, so I spend alot of my time around not only other small kids, but their parents. And so many of these parents seem so, well, disconnected (before I go any further I want to assure my many beloved friends that am I not talking about any of them). We go to the park, and so often I see mothers sitting off on a bench, waiting for the time to take the kids back home again. The other day there was a mother waiting in the car. I think she might have spent some of the time cleaning it (hey, I understand taking advantage of a cleaning opportunity), but she basically waited in the car. We go to our library, which has an extensive children's section including a play area, and there are parents sitting back, staring blankly into space while their children run wild and fight with other kids.

Now believe me when I say I understand the need for a few quiet minutes. Really, I do. REALLY. But I just find it so sad to constantly see kids being "dumped" by their parents, who seem to have little to no interest in what their kids are doing. Kids are small for such a short time, I feel like as a parent you need to work extra hard to soak up every moment you can with them. Our Monkey 1 is only 6 and already I am starting to see his big-boyness. Before long, he's not going to want me hanging around. I don't want to miss out now. Being a parent is complicated. It's hard hard work, it's exhausting, but it's not an inconvenience. People should celebrate their children. Don't just take them to the park, go to the park with them. Run with them, play with them. Because before you know it they won't be kids anymore and you'll wonder what happened.

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