Wednesday, March 17, 2010

greetings and hello

So let me start out by saying I am totally new to the world of blogging. Oh, I've read many blogs, searched blogs, thought about blogging, but now here I am, actually doing it and I'm not really sure WHAT I'm doing. I like to think I have alot to say about interesting things, and I like to think that most of what I say is interesting. Most people I know are too nice to tell me its not, so I'm just going to go on assuming that it is and, well, blog my little heart out.

I don't know that this blog will be about one specific thing. Scratch that - I KNOW that this blog will not be about one specific thing. Life in general is too complicated for that. I can only hope that this blog will grow along with life, and roll with it, and fit into it in some way. I plan on enjoying this.

So while this blog isn't about one specific thing, it is, I guess, about me. And my family. And what I think is our interesting life. So I'll start there...

We're a bigger-than-average family, I think, by America's standards, living here in northern Illinois. We're a husband, a wife (that's me), and three energetic children. Monkey 1 is 6, our only boy and full of more crazy energy than I have ever seen packed into one human being. Monkey 2 is a beautiful, moody, silly 3 year old girl who, I predict, will be our greatest challenge as a teenager. And little Monkey 3 is our 1 year old daughter, already keeping up with her older siblings in energy level, silliness, and the ability to be amazingly loud. They're the most amazing, wonderful people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

So that's our family, in a little nutshell. In a rather larger one, we fit in homeschooling, small-time farming, landlording (is that a word? if not, then it should be), historic preservation, music and accounting. Yes, we homeschool our kids - actually we unschool our kids, which in our humble opinion is way better. I know, it's a big time consuming commitment and I'll never have a moment of free time until my youngest child moves away. Whatever. So what. It's a decision I stand by and am damn sure of. And yes, we farm. Right now on a much smaller scale than we would like, but we're working on that. We're trying to be self-sustaining right now, and hoping to move up in the ranks and start a CSA, and sell people our food, and make people happy. And we rent houses to people - that's not all that exciting and I won't say more about it right now. And yes, I work in historic preservation, evaluating architecture for historic significance and even doing the occasional archaeological dig. And yes, for now my beloved works in the world of accounting. For now.

That's all I'll say about us - for now. I've said alot - I guess there's alot to say. Soon I'll say more, about my kids, homeschooling, farming, historic preservation, music, and maybe even accounting. It should be interesting.

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Unknown said...

Because you simply don't have enough things to take up your time. =D

At least this is a another forum for me to abuse the internet. I used to keep a blog. It wasn't anything special, but it was kind of fun and there are awesome pictures and ridiculous commentary on it from years ago. Maybe I should send you the link, to, you know, eat up some more of your day. Sustain(chors) away!